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Hoodies and Style: You got these in your closet?

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Hey Guys,

We are in the beginning stages of fall and winter, well if you live out in southern California like where we are then you are probably thinking, what the hell am I talking about, its feels like freaking summer still...

But for the rest of you its getting cold, and most likely colder, the last thing you want to do is just throw on a t-shirt and shorts and call it a day.

Its cool, we got you!

We got zip up hoodies

..and pullover hoodies

If you been through the site already you're probably like, "yeh I been seen those"

Thats true, but!

We never really talked about how these hoodies are a staple to your closet right now because if you looked in there, do you have a zip up hoodie with the design in the middle where it can be un zipped and look dope like 2 different letters on each side, and then be zipped up to make the words come back together like a magic trick? How about a pullover hoodie that shows other people that you are bold yet subtle at the same time, yet all around you are comfortable and stylish?

Nah I dont think you got any of those in your closet. 


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