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Fall Favorites 2017

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Hey Guys,

We are up and running so I wanted to talk about the Ideas behind the clothing pieces that we are banging out. We wanted to use simple pieces like tshirts, hats, and sweaters to showcase bold statements like "Bang This Mess " and "Tough Chick". Bang This Mess as a statement means to create excitement, live out loud, and be true to you, so its only fitting to have it big on bold colors. We also wanted to keep it clean and slick so we kept it very simple with no special fonts and only white, black, red font colors. 

As we get into the sweater weather season, we introduced pullovers and zip up hoodies to our collection. California doesn't get too cold so we design a light fitted zip up to wear anytime of day and the pullover to wear when the temperature gets below 65degrees (that's really cold for us). The zip up has the design on the front over the zipper so you get the full effect of the BTM when zipped and the cool effect of it with its unzipped. While the pullover hoodies are in black,navy blue, and burgundy colors ways, its design with the ghosted out color tones double hammers on the front to make a mark.

More piece will become available as the days go on, we are just working on the details in design. 

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DJ Van

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