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Free Shipping with $40 or more purchase..use code "40FREE"
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Welcome to The BTM Online Shop.

Hey whats up! Welcome to the shop, my name is Vanessa "Dj Van" Alva and I am the creator of Bang This Mess. BTM has been around since 2005 and started out with me and a group of friends just hanging out in my room rapping over the beats I would make. The phrase "Bang This Mess" was used repeatedly when I approved of that was Dope, Tight, Bomb..etc (You get what I mean). Then it started to catch on like wild fire with my friends and thier friends and soon anyone we incountered. With an interest in music, fashion, and also being heavly engaged in the Los Angeles Based LGBT community, we knew this could be the perfect lifestyle brand for people like us. Young, Hip, Ecletic indivuals. Fast forward 10 years later, this shop was born. Its soo exciting! I genuinely thank everyone for there support in believing in this brand and making this happen. Without you guys, this wouldnt have been a growing movement like it is today. So take look around, Share whats Bangin' with others, and pick up some threds. Thanks for stopping by. -Bang This Mess

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